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About Wildlife Haven

What We Do

Wildlife Haven cares for all species native to Ohio and often some who aren't, such as introduced species like pigeons,  starlings and domestic ducks from area parks. We have all the necessary state and federal permits and are always furthering our own education so that we can keep on top of new developments & methods, allowing us to improve and give the best care possible!


Who We Are

Wildlife Haven was started in1986 (becoming a non-profit in 1990)  by Jane Schnelker.  Since then, she has been assisted by her husband, Chuck Cotsmire, a core group of volunteers, and summer interns.  Our generous donors, while not perhaps doing any of the hands-on work, are the heart of our non-profit..... they are the ones who make it possible to keep things going!

Join the Cause

There are many ways you can be an integral part of Wildlife Haven!  Volunteer, donate items we need in our clinic, provide a monetary gift by using that Donate button on the main page!  All of those things are vital to our continued goal of providing quality care to wildlife in need.

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