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Be a part of our work, help us help wildlife in need!


Become a valued partner in our work through your tax-deductible donation!   This little skunk was not only orphaned, but also suffered a spinal injury. She relied on donations for her veterinary care, medications, and specialized formula.  She was also given physical therapy every day. She had a full recovery and was released with her siblings!  She relied on the generosity of our donors to have a second chance!

In Person or by Mail

3659 State Route 598

Crestline OH 44827


Please fill out Donation Information before sending your donation through Paypal in top right corner!  Thank you!

Sponser a friend

Sponsor a Resident or Clinic Patient

We consider our resident animals to be ambassadors from the wild.  Unreleasable for many different reasons, they live their lives here, affording guests the opportunity to see them up close and learn more about them.  We've been given the privilege of providing them as good a captive life as possible.  If you'd like to participate in our work through annual sponsorship, we have different levels available:

Screech Owl - $50

Crow - $100

Barred Owl - $200

Turkey Vulture -  $300

Silver Fox (2) - $400

Please email if interested in directing your donation towards sponsorshop of either resident or clinic patient!

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