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Got Tissues?

Every time they eat, they poop....   These little robins are fed every half hour to 45 minutes from 7am to 8pm.  That works out to around 15 feedings a day, resulting in at least 15 little poops a day.  We change the tissues after each feeding and there are at least three tissues in each nest.  Each pair of robins uses 45 tissues a day.  ( Most of our songbirds are one to a nest, but these siblings kept hopping in with each other to be close.)

We sometimes have at least a dozen young birds in these little tissue-lined nests.  That works out to a lot of tissues a day - 540!  We use the tissues with lotion for those little, often totally naked, songbird hatchling and nestlings.  The lotion just makes it more comfortable.


We usually have 15 young raccoons in the clinic each spring.  They use towels for bedding, usually a big one folded on the floor of their container and another smaller one to cuddle in.  It's the same for the 18 little squirrels and the 23 young opossums. All little mammals have towels for bedding and are usually housed in small groups.   I remember one day a few years ago when the washer broke down in the morning.  By the time it was fixed at 6pm we had 8 huge loads of dirty towels piled up around the washer.  That's a lot of detergent used every day.  We use liquid detergent, although I hate how many plastic bottles I drag off to the recycle place at the landfill!  For my own personal laundry I have begun to use the little dissolving pods of detergent - I like the less waste aspect of them!

things we can use:

We are particular about what we need - the years have taught us which things work the best!

             Facial Tissue w/Lotion                                 Paper Towels                             Liquid Laundry Detergent

                     Newspapers  -  these need to be flat, all slicks and ads removed.   Just good clean paper!

   Purina Puppy Chow  -  there are two kinds and we use the one with Chicken in it, no colored vegetable pieces. 


                                      Purina Kitten Chow             Applesauce - single serving packs          

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